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“Welcome to our new ‘WitnessForChrist’ WitnessForChrist@yabina.org mailing list.


YABINA ministry (www.yabina.org) is a nonprofit Christian ministry founded in 1982 and its mission is to assist lay-people who seek the truth of Christian faith. YABINA ministry serves with a belief that "The Bible is the Word of God and is the foundation of the Teaching and Conduct of Christians."

Until 2009 the website YABINA ministry www.yabina.org has run for 10 years, and according to the statistics made by 'arandomserver ', every day the site is opened 200 times in average by people in many countries Worldwide (including those in unexpected countries such as Bahrain, Barbados, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Romania, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam). Those who enter through the front door of the website and recorded by the counter are 30 people every day in average (The total number of visitors counted by the counter in 10 years has reached 100,000), and besides more than 150 others read directly (by shortcut) the informations available within the site and are not counted by the counter.

YABINA ministry beside the site www.yabina.org also operates two mailing lists i.e. Mimbar-maya Mimbar-maya@yabina.org and SaksibagiKristus SaksibagiKristus@yabina.org which send reflections / articles / discussions periodically to its members. So far both mailing-lists contain only text in Indonesian and of course can only be read by the Indonesian readers.

Many requests were submitted to YABINA to also serves those who speak English. To meet the need, YABINA ministry opens on its site starting in February 2010: ENGLISH CORNER containing reflection / article / discussion in English (items selected from the reflections / articles / discussions which already exists in Indonesian within the website). In addition, newly circulated reflection / article / discussion' can also be received by Indonesian subscribers who want to practice their English reading skill and also by native English by signing-in to the new mailing list WitnessForChrist WitnessForChrist-subscribe@yabina.org. Letters send to secretary@yabina.org and please forward this introduction to your English speaking friends.

YABINA is ministering under the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and supported by the participation of YABINA ministry Family and Friends and has become a blessing for many people around the world. Friends who want to participate in the development of YABINA ministry could send their support via:


BCA Bank,
YABINA a.c. 282-3001631 (Rp)

attn. Victor Herlianto (please add 2 USD for Yabina code).
Addressed to: vic9090@yahoo.com

CITI Bank,
Citibank Jakarta N/A, Indonesia (attn: Victor Herlianto)
a.c. 800-660-5185 (USD) (please add 2 USD for Yabina code).


YABINA ministry with Friends serve God’s Kingdom based on the following verses:

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." (NIV, Romans 10:15 b).

“Brothers, pray for us” (NIV, 1 Thessalonians 5:25).

With Love from YABINA ministry www.yabina.org